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Napster is a wonderful site for music enthusiasts everywhere. You can download virtually any song you want off other people's systems in minutes. I strongly recommend it!

Scour Scour, like Napster, allows the user to download music and multimedia files via file sharing, etc. It doesn't quite compare to Napster's abilities, but is a good second option.

Internet Radio Stations This site allows internet users access to radio stations from all around the world. It's simple to use and then-- without having to go turn on your stereo in the other room-- you've got music playing on your speakers. How easy is that?!? Go for it!

Music Link Online If you're on a music site search...use this. It'll find quality music sites for music listeners, and it has other stuff that may be of interest as well (don't take my word though, I don't even know you!! Hahaha).